Over time, the heater control logos wear out through use. This set of water-slide decals allows you to refurbish your controls and make them look new again. Simply remove the buttons and switches, clean them and paint them gloss black. Then apply the water-slide decals individually, cutting with a very sharp knife as close to the logo as you can (the one on the left shows what happens when you use a blunt knife – visible edges). Once dry, coat with lacquer for protection – I used Humbrol matt lacquer on mine. £4.50 per set of decals, excluding post and packaging.

On HPF and Sportshatch, if you don’t have the correct glass headlamp covers, or prefer not to use them on the road in case of damage, these water-slide decals will help to give the original effect. Cut your perspex light covers (not supplied) to the correct shape, then apply the decals to the inside surface. Available in silver or white text, artwork taken from an original cover and cleaned up. £8 per pair, excluding post and packaging.

On vehicles with the Avon Safety wheel fitted, this is a replica of the original wheel centre. Moulded from plastic, these are a low-cost alternative to the original wheel centres. Supplied in plain plastic (black, at the moment), you can paint them yourself. For the one in the photo, I carefully painted the outer rim and the inner logo with silver paint and left the lower black are as plain material. I then coated it with a couple of coats of lacquer. You could use chrome-effect paint instead of silver, but it doesn’t like being lacquered. The centres need to be glued into the centre of the wheel, I used a thick silicon adhesive on mine. £10 per set of four unpainted centres, excluding post and packaging.

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