Metal Parts for HC Viva, Firenza and Magnum

I have a range of metal repair panels available. These are mainly based on templates that I produced while restoring my Vauxhall Sportshatch. They are hand-made, so there may be some minor marks on them.

This is the inner section of the chassis rail around the gearbox mounting area. The chassis is a dual-skin profile at this point, which is why it tends to rot. Don’t forget to put the captive nut plate (not supplied) in before you close the box section. Made from 18swg steel with the rib sections and plate retainers welded in. Viva HB or HC. £40 per side, excluding post and packaging. Weight: 600g.

Note: if you’re fitting these along with the outer repair section, the small hole towards the rear can be used to align the two panels. The cut-outs at the top end are the front of the panel. I would normally drill holes and plug-weld the inner and outer sections together, to replicate the factory spot welds. Whether you drill the inner or outer panel depends on whether you have the floor out, of course.

This is the outer section of chassis from the same location. These are handed, with the lower flange on the outside of the vehicle. These would normally be spot-welded to the inner section for strength. Made from 18swg steel. Viva HB or HC. £40 per side, excluding post and packaging. Weight: 500g.

The battery tray can rot because it’s close to the inner wing and moisture sits there. This is a replacement tray made from 18swg steel. The captive nut for the battery earth strap is fitted, and the holes for the battery clamp drilled. No other holes are included, but are available separately. Viva HC only. £45, excluding post and packaging. Weight: 1100g.

Windscreen washer bottle bracket.

Again, these often rot on the bottom where they are close to the inner wing. Made in 20swg steel. Viva HC only. £20 excluding post and packaging. Weight: 210g.

When the bottom edge of your heater cover panel rots away, it can take this mounting rail with it. This is welded to the flat bulkhead top area. I supply this in three sections so you can adjust it to fit with your cover, and because it’s really difficult to post it as a single piece. I can supply just the section needed if you don’t need the whole thing. Made in 20swg steel. Viva HC only. £25 for the three parts, excluding post and packaging. Weight: 470g.

Front floorpan section

Made from 20swg steel. This is just the flat area, and does not include the area under the seat as it starts to lift. The edges are lifted, but the corners are not welded so you can adjust the shape to fit your vehicle. I don’t press the circular section or drill the hole for the grommet, in case you prefer to leave it solid. The hole for the inner gearbox mount bolt is not drilled, in case you have an earlier car that does not have that extra hole. I also don’t weld the front corners up, so you can get the shape exactly as you want it – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car that hasn’t been repaired in that area to use as a reference. Made for Viva HC, but looking at some photos I believe the HB is the same. £65 per side, plus post and packaging. Weight: 1650g.

Brake disc shield, for OHV models only. (Sold Out)

These are laser cut from 20swg steel, with the various pressings added by hand. There will be some marks around the edges where the metal is shaped. These do not fit the OHC models. Viva HC, possibly the same on HB. £40 per pair, excluding post and packaging. (May 2021: These are sold out. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll see if it’s worth getting some more done).

Note that these do not fit the OHC-engined cars. If you want OHC ones, search for “Vauxhall Green Parts” who are taking names for a new batch of their OHC brake shields.

Inner wing to bulkhead joining piece: this is the panel that covers the gap between the back edge of the inner wing, and the bulkhead panel. It’s welded to both panels to join them. Picture shows the offside version. £15 per side, excluding post and packaging. Made from 20swg steel. Weight: 100g.

Inner wing to front panel joining piece: this is the little section that joins the front edge of the inner wing to the outer edge of the front panel, closing up the gap. Picture shows nearside (on the left of the photo) and offside. £10 per side, excluding post and packaging. Made from 20swg steel. Weight: 50g.

Nearside closing panel between boot floor and lower edge of rear quarter panel. This piece fits behind the nearside rear wheelarch. Made from 20swg steel. £30, excluding post and packing. Weight: tbc

Bonnet Hinge Repair

Inner wing repair section for bonnet hinge area. Does not include the strengthening panel with captive bolts, this would need to be sourced separately, perhaps from the old inner wing. Made from 20swg steel. £20 per side, excluding post and packing. Weight: 400g.

Custom Panels

If you’re after something that I don’t list, get in touch anyway and I’ll have a look at whether it’s possible for me to make it. The photo alongside shows a HC outer seat mounting that I recently made.

Coming soon

Spare wheel well: can be supplied with or without the vertical panel that joins the spare wheel well to the edge of the boot floor. Does not include the block that the spare wheel holding bolt screws into, you have to transfer that from the existing panel. Picture to follow – that’s a photo of something else as a placeholder. Update (21.6.21) this is proving more difficult than I expected.

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